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This is the platform for D_punkster on Spotify. All the music in one platform with just one click! From Pop to KwaiTech and Dance hits galore… Featuring tracks like Catch Me Fall, Ayifambeni, Welcome to the Jungle and Kids in my life amongst many others. 

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Podcast of D_punkster singing “Catch Me Fall” live on #TheLadyOnDrive hosted  by Khutso Theledi on Yfm

D_punkster: Thursday I got a chance to sing one of my songs called Catch Me Fall live on air in #TheLadyOnDrive hosted by Khutso Theledi on Yfm. The theme was “O monati” where anyone can call in their radio station or simply send a voice note. It was an entertaining show all-round hosted by one bubbly as well as liveliest radio djs in South Africa.

So allow me to share my experience with you by providing the link and podcast of this life changing moment, which is the biggest highlight of my music career so far in 2021. And I thank God for his blessings and the entire Yfm crew for giving me such an exclusive opportunity.  Doesn’t get any better than this in 2021 indeed.

Do catch Khutso Theledi on her afternoon show called #TheLadyOnDrive between 3 – 6pm weekdays on Yfm. I love it and truly believe you gonna enjoy it as well.

Thank you for tuning in and let me know what do you think of the entire podcast including my music and vocal capabilities as well. That would be highly appreciated.

Yours in Music


Life changing moment…

Check out D_punkster official feature on Berlin Music Station!

Fan exclusive

It’s a beautiful day indeed for D_punkster since he’s just got featured on Berlin Music Station on a feature that will take place from 23 – 30 September 2021 on their website. Kindly go show him your support by voting for him to get to that VIP top spot.

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Check out D_punkster Album here!

Listen to MaWillies Jam by D_punkster now on N1M…

Hello World! Listen to Dance/ KwaiTech song by D_punkster called MaWillies Jam now on N1M! Thanks! 🔥🙂🎼


Have you heard ‘Digital Freak (Radio Edit)’ by @d_punkster on #SoundCloud? #np


KwaiTech Chronicles Album out now!

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Mawillies Jam by D_punkster now on Berlin Music Station


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